Thursday, January 23, 2020

information Needs Essay -- Technology, The Internet, Information Syste

Information needs Now a day’s Within the revolution and challenging in information and communication knowledge and technologies, stream of information enormously increased ( Huotari,2001) .The Internet is a new channel for academic resources, and contains the massive amount of information. Also it is significant that the user is conscious of the diverse information that is available on the Internet, and educated in what measurable should be evaluated (Case, 2007 ) . The most important function of information system if to occupied and full filed the needs for document s and information needs for the users. Recently classification and Identification of information needs is essential to the developed the information systems in general and also to the provision of effective information services (Budzik , Hammond, Marlow, & Scheinkman ,1998) . such needs are related to the instructive behavior and such needs to improve the users knowledge to make a decision . Each customer and user have a different type of information need depending on what they are trying to find , If organizations can determine the most common information needs , they can select the best components to address those information needs(Case, 2007) . internet provides sources to seek and achieve information and appropriate the information needs in different stages of the search process (Bhatti ,2010) .The first step to recognize information needs is to approve different and new methods to collects and gather information on the various factors that influence the information needs (Werner , Horst, & Werner , 1997) In Today’s world , within rise of the Internet and technologies , users are more closer to search and find they needs ,and its s... .... However most of the site outlined several major problems associated with information needs within a low quality and low value in hospitality industry In the competitive marketplace in each industry, publishing the information can help to attract the customers and improve the profit for the organization developmental advances ,In addition to determine the power full organizations Identification of information needs is essential factor to design information systems and to the provision of effective information services to the customers and users ( Customer Information needs is affected by a selection of aspects such as: The variety of information sources that available on the web site ; Selected that which information’s have to used ,awareness about the customer and users and the visitors background, needs , and individuality such as social ,economical (

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