Monday, January 6, 2020

Annotated Bibliography Monitor s Mayhem - 1900 Words

Monitor’s Mayhem In this corrupted world, anyone’s thoughts can be monitored if you know how. Those thoughts can then be bought and sold to anyone who has money. So that thought that you just lost, it was probably stolen from you and someone else made money off of it, what a shame. Thinking about that thought you lost, isn’t worth much, so stop thinking so much, unless you’re selling it, then we can talk. Oh, my apologies, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Kyle Velvet, or as most know me as The Monitor. I find thoughts, and then I sell that thought, that’s why I am called that. I’d prefer not telling you how I look, I have so many people looking for me and I don’t need them bothering me. Don’t question who they are, they’re people who†¦show more content†¦But who needs imagination when you have everyone else’s thoughts to play around with. The school is a place where I retrieve the majority of my profits from. Lots of people want the answers to the next exam or test. I’m not telling you my sources, of course, but it’s mostly the future valedictorians that are always asking me and not many others. Although it is true that I’m not well-known, I still have many clients. No one dares to greet me casually in the hallway, however. I blend into the background quite nicely; no one cares about the guy that sits in the back and never speaks up. I can’t stand to be near many people and nobody is suitable to be around on a constant basis. During class time, however, is the perfect time to be able to do my business and buy and sell those precious thoughts. I’m surprised the teacher doesn’t mind me being on my tablet stealing thoughts of everyone else. I easily get my hands on the answers to the tests and exams so my grades are no problem. Speaking of school, a new transfer student popped out of nowhere and came to the school. Her name is Rachel. She is in a lot of the same classes as me, so naturally we have to be acquainted. Since she is in many classes as me, she assumes that we are friends. I, on the other hand, do not believe so and I see her as a nuisance. She is always with me and I see many of her thoughts. â€Å"I wonder what Kyle’s doing. Why is he always on his tablet? I never see him with any

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