Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Understanding the class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Understanding the class - Essay Example I prepared a few questions which I anticipated to be asked by the instructor so as to be o track during the class session. I tried as much to resist any distractions. I did this by sitting in a position of class where disruptive classmates are away from. I always put myself in the learning mood, focused on the instructor. I listened actively and took short notes in order for me to comprehend more. During the course of the semester, I shifted my position quite often for to remain alert during class time and tried not to distract myself by use of a phone or talking to my neighbor. During the class sessions, I learned that love involves feelings and emotions. It is a powerful affection of which makes one to be happy and show contentment. Knowing happiness means feeling cheerful and contentment in a manner that one feels satisfied. Love also is a form of human compassions and kindness. This explains how through it, we can feel the fullness of life. Love as a noun describes something adorable. Love as noun means that it is adoring feeling of deep affection between two people. It refers to another person as a beloved person involving desire. It can be something liked or showing affectionate concern toward others. Love as a verb is an action. This means that love expressing love towards another person or something. The action of showing love or showing affection explains love as a verb. As a verb, love can be used within the context of action whereby two people are involved in kissing or embracing each other. By attending class sessions, I understood that sexual identity is important for the development of an individual in terms of self-esteem and one’s self confidence. Sexual identity gives a person an opportunity to understand who they are and who they are sexually attracted to. Personal identity is defined by sexual identity of an individual. The two go hand in hand in that personal

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